These three stations are all operational except for the 30S1 amplifier. It will be gone through and
brought on line this Spring or Summer.
I have owned the loaded TR7 for almost 20 years. It has the RV75 synsthesized remote VFO and
some other obvious accessories. The B line has been here almost 10 years and is in beautiful
condition with perfectly shiney copper chassis'. The Collins S line is a story in itself. About 20 years
ago I got word that a man I knew who was not a ham had bought this entire set up from a thrift store.
About 3 years ago an old friend called me saying he had acquired this gear from the man on a trade.
He asked me values and I gave him the best I could without actually seeing the gear. Some months
later he called me and suggested I buy it from him. I said I could not afford it and let it go at that.
Not too long after that phone conversation I bought a Yugoslavian SKS rifle at a gun dealer near me.
Then I found some new "furniture" for it and also bought over 2K rounds of ammo for it. About a
month later I got to thinking about the Collins again. My friend who ended up with it had traded a 9MM
pistol for it. When I called him on the phone and told him I had an offer for him I described the SKS,
ammo, funiture etc. and told him I would trade that for the Collins rig. He accepted the offer. We met
couple weeks later and made the trade. This equipment had been in good shape when purchased
from the thrift store but had spent over 15 years in storage that was not friendly. There was a lot of
rodent (I mean a lot) residue in all pieces of the gear. I have spent a long time in correcting all that,
making repairs and getting the S line on the air. The 30S1 must have been in another location because it had no evidence of rodents at all. Very clean inside and out so I am hoping it can be
brought up with little trauma and few repairs to get it on air. I will get some before photos on the
Vintage resto page of this gear when I started on it. The important thing about this Collins gear is
that is has finally made it home. It will be warm, fuzzy and well loved from now on.   More to follow.
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